Meet Your 2023 AAZKSF Officers

Julianna Brown


“Julianna here, serving as AAZKSFs president! I have been in the field for over 10 years and I currently work as a primary keeper in the hoofstock department at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. I have been involved with AAZK throughout most of my career. During that time, I have had the pleasure of serving on the committee for two different chapters. As a long time member of AAZK, I have had a unique opportunity to network with many different zoo professionals and beyond, gathering at the national conferences, and making lifelong friends. Most of all, it has allowed me to take part in raising awareness and providing support for wildlife conservation. I’ll continue to bring my knowledge and background to the chapter.”

Kyle Runzel

Vice President/Treasurer 

“I am a code-red float keeper coming up on my 4th year at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens and starting my 2nd year as an AAZK officer. I am excited to help navigate our chapter through another year of fundraising for the SF keeper communities' many interests in global and local conservation efforts. As our chapter's treasurer I'd like to welcome the new members of 2023 and get the chapter involved with their passion projects and unique interests in the zookeeping and animal care fields.”

Ross Anthold


“Hi, I'm Ross, the AAZKSF Secretary. I am the Koala and Kangaroo keeper at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. I have been involved with national AAZK since 2010 and was even the OCAAZK president for a few years in the mid 20teens. I have worked with exotic animals since 1998 and have seen the great work different AAZK chapters have accomplished and I am very excited to see what we can do this coming year. I have helped raise money and awareness for several groups and rescues dear to my heart and look forward to partnering with even more.“

Chloe Reilly

Communications Liaison 

Hi y'all! I'm Chloe and I'm the communications liaison for AAZKSF. This is my second year as a float keeper at the San Francisco Zoo, where I care for some awesome animals including magellanic penguins, Linnaeus's two-toed sloths, California tiger salamanders, and more. Prior to joining our zoo, I worked with marine mammals at UC Santa Cruz and earned my master's degree in animal behavior research over in my homeland of Scotland. This will be my first year on the AAZK board, following a fun first year as a member. I look forward to connecting my fellow keepers with new opportunities, raising funds for wildlife conservation causes close to our hearts, and planning both social and professional events!