Connect to Conservation in Quarantine! 2022 AAZK's "5K Your Way- Run With the Pack!"

AAZKSF Raises $800 for Mexican Wolf Conservation!

Between May 22-28th 2022, get outdoors for a 5K fun run, walk, or activity of your choosing in support of the California Wolf Center.

Running not your thing? No problem! This fun run benefitting the Mexican wolf can be done any way you choose! We just hope that you take a few moments to show your support for wildlife and an endangered species.

Instead of tracking times and mileage, help us share your dedication to the Mexican gray wolf by posting a photo of you completing your 5K on social media using #IRanWithThePack2022

Multiple ticket options allow you to support the Mexcian gray wolf your way. Join the pack as a "Pack Member" and receive a printable "race bib" which you can customize and wear to show your support. Or, join as a "Pack Leader" and in addition to your "race bib," you will receive your very own commemorative medal (while supplies last)! Don't see a ticket price you like? Use the donation feature to set your own price (Be advised, to receive our commemorative pin, you must sign up as a "Pack Leader")

"See" you at the finish line!

"The Mexican gray wolf, also known as “El Lobo” or the “Lobo,” is the most endangered wolf subspecies. Though they were once abundant throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States preying on native elk and deer, Mexican gray wolves were nearly fully extirpated by the 1970s by livestock ranchers, hunting, trapping, and poisoning. When the population went down to only five individual wolves, putting the species at high risk for extinction, zoos were able to offer a hand to help save the species. In 1976, Mexican gray wolves were designated as an endangered species. From the five rescued wolves bred in captivity, 11 wolves were subsequently released into a small, protected pocket of Arizona and New Mexico. These 11 wolves are currently responsible for repopulating the approximate 186 that now live in the wild and about another 220 wolves in managed care." -San Francisco Zoo